The Absolut Elyx Boutique is a lifestyle label tied to the beloved Absolut Elyx vodka brand. It offers an exclusive selection of copper drinking vessels, featuring the famous Elyx Copper Pineapple, Bar Tools and other unique, and often limited edition gifts, reflecting their unique style. After decorating bars around the globe, the company's goal is to add a little copper to everyone's home bar.

Our Contribution

  • - UX/UI Design
  • - E-commerce Development
  • - Conversion Rate Optimization
  • - Strategic guidance
  • - Cross-border eCommerce


The Challenge

Every step was carefully designed to increase conversion rate and the average order value (AOV), without compromising the image of such a unique and premium brand.


To create a website that was fully aligned with the brands' image and business goals, we worked side by side with Absolut Elyx's branding team.

The start was characterized by a focus on quick wins, to showcase how seemingly small but strategic improvements can have a significant impact. Step two involved a homepage and product page redesign following a mobile-first approach.

While the Boutique was initially focused solely on the US market, Thails supported their expansion plans with the launch of a new store on Shopify Plus – taking Europe by storm and sharing the copper-love further.

Exclusive features of Shopify Plus, like the Shopify scripts, were used to implement new promotion possibilities and consequently increase AOV. Shopify Flow and Launchpad, which automate tasks and theme changes, minimized the amount of time spent by the team to manage the daily tasks.

The collaboration with Absolut Elyx's team is still going strong – Thails is currently working as an extension of their digital team.

Results overview







I’ve had the chance to work with Andre for the last three years, and I couldn’t imagine our business without him. Andre is exceptionally proactive and takes ownership of any project he is entrusted with as if it was his own.
Absolut Elyx Boutique Team

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