Gooseberry Intimates is a Bali-based label with an aesthetic that leans on the delicately lacey and softly unstructured side of the lingerie world. Featuring daring details and just the right amount of sass, Gooseberry empowers consumers to be the confident and gorgeous women they are. Since launching in 2012, the label has continued their growth journey, with products available in their online shop and in their Bali boutique.

“Thails has brought significant improvements to our website, which has since cut its load time in more than half. We’ve seen our revenue increase to $100,000+ a month compared to just a couple of thousand we were bringing in previously, as Thails has also improved the way we collect emails through our website.”

Head Of Operation & Marketing
@Gooseberry Intimates

Our Contribution

· UX/UI Design
· E-commerce Development
· Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
· Strategic Guidance
· Cross-border eCommerce 

Tech Stack


Gooseberry had a Shopify theme with several code issues adversely affecting website page load speed and the overall customer experience. This was especially a concern on mobile devices. In addition, they lacked an upsell strategy and were looking at UX improvements and increasing their conversion rate and average order value (AOV).


Thails was initially brought on by Gooseberry with a focus on fixing their backend code base and resolving and streamlining all their code issues. Soon after, we performed an overall UX growth audit highlighting the main challenges and quick wins.

Since then, Thails has implemented an upsell strategy from product detail pages (PDP) to cart and checkout.

Improved Website Experiences

Given Gooseberry’s extensive product catalog, displaying all products and imagery is challenging. With these challenges in mind, we implemented a new visual mobile menu experience and a desktop visual hover experience, enabling visitors a streamlined experience with the ability to see what’s inside a collection before selecting it.

Another implementation worth noting is quick add-to-cart features, custom landing pages for lead capture, and a custom shoppable lookbook.

Leveraging Untapped Shopify Features

Exclusive features of Shopify Plus, including Shopify scripts, were used to implement discount codes during special activations.

Shopify Flow and Launchpad, which automate tasks and theme changes, significantly reduced the time the Gooseberry team spent managing daily tasks.

Enhancements Galore, With Less Resources

With all features and sections implemented using Shopify custom sections, Gooseberry internal staff are now able to easily manage all digital content, including product pages, text elements and images, without needing a developer.

The collaboration with Gooseberry’s team has been ongoing for more than three years with continual strategic support, where Thails regularly provides website improvements, including the latest Shopify features and optimizations.


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