When was the last time you tested your webshop on mobile 📲?

1 month, 6 months ago or perhaps you don’t even remember?

– The majority of your website’s traffic is most likely coming from mobile devices.
– Mobile shopping is increasing every quarter.
– There’s a good chance the first contact with your brand was on mobile.

Let’s do this!
Pick up your phone, open the website and go through the following flow:
Homepage → Product Page → Cart → Checkout.

For every step of the flow ask yourself:
– How many popups or widgets are appearing as soon as you open it?
– How smooth was the experience and navigation?
– Did you find what a customer would expect to see/click?
– How long did you have to scroll to get to the add to cart button?

The mobile screen real estate is limited and it’s important to prioritize what is shown, eliminating distractions and friction, in order to improve the buyer experience and conversion rate 📈.

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