Using upsells in your eCommerce business. Is it worth it?

✔️ Upsells are great to recommend a relevant product that the user might not have seen on your store.

✔️ You can use it to increase the average order value in order to maximize the profits made from each sale made. Especially important when you have paid traffic and want to optimize ROAS.

✔️ Always test and monitor the conversion rate impact when activating new upsells.

❌ Don’t be too aggressive. Avoid too many popups and distractions that might impact the consumer purchase journey. Be mindful and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. 

✔️ Done well, it’s a double win: Offering relevant products and increasing your revenue. 

If you are not doing upsells in any way currently you should definitely give it a try! 

You can go the custom approach by building your own upsell offering or use an app.

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