Love Is Project, founded by Chrissie Lam, supports and empowers female artisans in developing communities across the globe. Inspired by the vibrant history, culture, and craftsmanship of their artisans' home countries, the team oversees the production of a line of handmade bracelets, which fittingly carry the name LOVE. The company creates jobs for over two thousand artisans in ten countries – supporting their families, paying for school fees, and investing in additional income-generating projects.

Our Contribution

  • - UX/UI Design
  • - E-commerce Development
  • - Conversion Rate Optimization
  • - Strategic guidance


The Challenge

Initially, the focus was placed on optimizing the discoverability of products and collections without compromising the website performance. Furthermore, Thails worked on highlighting the company's impact throughout the buyer journey while further increasing the conversion rate and the average order value.


The collaboration with Chrissie, the founder of Love is Project, was initialized with a thorough analysis of her platform. Our team optimized her website for better usability, showcasing her products to a wider and more engaged audience – who was increasingly aware of the mission behind these unique bracelets.

Accordions were added to product pages to seamlessly provide information related to the impact of the Love is Project – for instance, sharing the number of jobs that were created for a product to be produced.

Pagefly, which was implemented across the website and limiting a shared set up of the diverse collections, was replaced with a custom collection template – a change that quickened the internal processes significantly.

With the goal to develop a more dynamic collections page, videos were added to the buyer journey – sharing the mission of the Love is Project through compelling visuals.

In the latest collaboration stages, our team supported the platform's upgrade to Shopify Plus, which coincided with Chrissie's appearance on Shark Tank - making scalability and automation the focus for the coming months.

Results overview







The website is looking pretty good, and our business is definitely doing better than it was last year. Thails was able to deliver on the requirements, and did so in a timely manner. They were very supportive preparing everything ahead of our appearance on Shark Tank"
Chrissie Lam, CEO

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